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    Supporting Disabled Veterans
    We get our Disabled Veterans back out and on the move
    (Oscar Mike!)
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    We Help Everyone Veterans & Civilians!
    We're here for everyone
    Civilians feel free to reach out to us, we want to get you back up reaching your goals!
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    Looking For Adrenaline Again? Let Us Help You Adapt And Overcome!
    Got an event you are interested in and need assistance?
    Please contact us with information on your injury, and the event details and we will get back to you!

Our Process

We follow a 4 step method Brainstorm, Plan, Raise Funds, and Launch Event.
Always looking for volunteers, please contact us if interested!=


Our team of board members, sponsors, and volunteers all gather together to brainsorm the best possible adaptive events.

Plan Event

Once brainstorming has been completed we plan the event to the very end and put together press release information, sponsorship packets, and applications

Raise Funds

Once an event is fully planned we raise the funds necessary to host the event.  By means of obaining sponsorships, holding fund raiser events, and online donations

Launch Event

With sponsorships, co-host, volunteers and the money raised we successfully launch our event.  Showing everyone a good time, and raising more money for the next event.

Our Services

We take pride in supporting the disabled community in adapting and overcoming their injuries!

XtremeAbilities is committed to making this program 100% FREE for its applicants!

This means there is an incredible opportunity for you to step into their story as they battle for a life of vitality and hope! These remarkable men and women inspire and motivate with their courage to overcome. Sponsoring a 9-week training program is $4500, but there are so many different ways your support can help!

Contact Us Apply For Event
  • Adaptive SkiingCross Fit
  • Scuba DivingHunting
  • Wheelchair Rugby5k & Marathons
  • HandcycleObstacle Courses
  • SkydivingWhite Water Rafting
  • Sledge HockeyDownhill Mountain Biking

We live by the words Adapt & Overcome

We all hit bumps in the road throughout life,
it's not about how hard you hit, but how hard you adapt and overcome!

Call Us

Interested in participating or volunteering?

Volunteers are crucial for making our events successful and as stress free possible. Please if you are considering volunteering contact us.  Participants if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us!