About Us

In 2013 XtremeAbilities was established as a non profit 501(c)3. Our first event was the "Never Quit Challenege" which was a rememberance Jetski ride from Key West, FL to New York City, NY for 9/11. It was a 6 day ride, going 266 miles a day. Since then we have done numerous events from the Ocean to the Mountains. We are in the process of building an Adaptive Gym/Physical Therapy location in South Florida. For more information please contact us, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on events, fundraisers, and the grand opening of our new gym!

XtremeAbilities is committed to making this program 100% FREE for its applicants! This means there is an incredible opportunity for you to step into their story as they battle for a life of vitality and hope! These remarkable men and women inspire and motivate with their courage to overcome. Sponsoring a 9-week training program is $4500, but there are so many different ways your support can help!

A look back at 2013 on how we got started...

1,600 miles… on a Jet Ski… during storm season… that’s exactly what 30 people are getting ready to accomplish from September 6-11th, 2013 as the ride from Key West, FL to New York City. The Boot Campaign is honored to play a small part in making this experience possible by sponsoring five Hero participants (read bio’s below). The mission of the Never Quit Challenge is a land and nautical centered fundraising event supporting American Veterans and their families with community participation that benefits select notable Charities. The Never Quit Challenge is vetted by active duty military personnel; special operations warriors and wounded warriors who will operate Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKI® through a grueling six day passage. The Never Quit Challenge is based both on land and water moving a team of 30 members with boats, and equipment safely across the USA.

These veterans will be on 6 select Teams commemorating KIA (Killed In Action) special operations warriors with each team hosting boat dedications in their honor. Their NQC journey covers 1,600 miles of open ocean waters commencing on September 6th, 2013 in Key West Florida, with several overnight checkpoints and various fuel stations en route to New York City, NY. The NQC Teams arrive in NYC on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks against American on September 11, 2013. The Never Quit Challenge raises awareness of these select charities raising funds and promoting outreach regarding Veterans causes that in turn are passed back to their own communities.